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    Whats with all the Hype?

    • Written by from Manchester

    I love Bose, Bose create some of the best sounds from all types of media, but for me the In-ears have always ben trouble, i've had almost 4 replacement sets on Bose In-ears and opted out on the last pair...

    however after much thought making i decided to return to the sound i love and make the big purchase of the Quietcomforts... basically the sound is there.... but just so low... if you are expecting these to be loud, even with Noise cancelling activated then you will be disappointed.

    they seem to compensate the lack of loudness by the noise cancellation, but the noise cancellation only works on simple static sounds, IE the sound of an engine, humming etc... so they are perfect for travellers etc... but because they feel so plasticky they do let a lot of sound in

    the other issue is the huge Battery flat pack that you have dangling from your iPhone, the size is the exact length of an iPhone 5 screen, and if you don't have it charged then the noise cancellation wont work and you are stuck with a really awful tinny sound from the headphones... certainly not worth the £259 you just spent!

    If your going to spend this sort of cash, you will want a wow factor, and I will just say that you wont get it there is a lot better in the market and for a lot less the price...