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    Astonishing customer care

    • Written by from cork

    I purchased those speakers in January. After a couple of months the unit started powering off intermittently. Send the for repair (15 days turn around time) Bose sent them back as unable to reproduce the issue...funny thing was that the device was not powering on at all.
    I had to call back the call center and they wanted to send a replacement adapter...another week for the shipping and the issue was still not resolved. Called back again, a "supervisor" took my call assuring that this time the issue was resolved faster (I was requesting for a new unit since the one I had failed after 2 months and it was for repair already).
    Another 15 working days without the unit, the "supervisor" assured me he was going to call me back when the issue was resolved to offer an appeasement for being without the unit for over 2 months but I did not hear from him, trying to send reminder email but he just ignore them.

    Average product until it works.
    Customer care the worst I ever had.
    I won't buy it again.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Great yet flawed by unreliability

    • Written by from Sleaford

    I bought my Bose SoundLink Mini in November 2013 having demo'd one at an Apple reseller. Great sound for size etc. and a solid build feel.
    HOWEVER ....... I have probably used mine no more than 10x in total using Bluetooth from iPhone & MacBook Pro [it is now mid-Jan 2014]. The Bluetooth will no longer connect so I have to use the AUX input which rather defeats the object of investing in a 'portable' Bluetooth speaker.
    I would have expected more than 10 weeks use before a major fault appearing. Without this fault, and in the expectation of many years of reliable service, I would have unreservedly given this product 5 stars. A pity ....

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