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    Office 2011

    • Written by from Birmingham

    I don't know what all these adverse comments are about re Outlook, it works superbly, no problems with identities etc, I use it on 5k retina iMac and its spot on. I have used it on two different Macs now, and have encountered zero of the problems described elsewhere. The updates, and support are first class, buy with confidence, well done Microsoft and Apple, seamless integration of quality well thought out software.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Office for mac home and buisness works flawlessly for me.

    • Written by from Llanelli

    I have used office for the mac since 1998 in various different versions and I find this version works perfectly. I use Outlook for all my e-mail and have never had any of the issues described in the other reviews on this site.

    I use a mac Pro at home and a Retina Macbook Pro on the road.

    If you're using these computers you ought to have no problems at all.

    I have also used it on a 13 inch Macbook Air without trouble as well.

    I find I can swap files between the windows machines I have to use in work sometimes flawlessly which is important to me and none of the programs have crashed while I was using them on the mac.

    The applications included in the Home/Business suite all appear to be quite stable to me.

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    Very pleased - and very, very relieved!

    • Written by from CHICHESTER

    I moved from a PC to an iMac in July and had used MS Office on the PC for many years.

    When I saw some of the, extremely, adverse comments about Office for Mac I didn't know what to do and decided to do a bit more research. I then decided to take the plunge and all of it worked perfectly. Hence my relief.

    All of the individual programs are slightly different to their PC counterparts but I had no trouble setting them up. I expected problems from Outlook but it readily accepted my .pst file from Windows and everything was there including ongoing tasks, saved emails and all my contacts. A number of my files for Word and Excel were password protected but this didn't cause any problem.

    A seamless changeover to Mac!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    whats the problem

    • Written by from Evesham

    No issues what so ever, outlook works fine, as do all the rest 1st time mac user and happy to be able to use and work on files from my pc

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from LEEDS

    I too am baffled by the other reviews.
    I switched from PCs to Macs in 2006 because I started doing a lot of video and still photography.
    In order to use my new Mac notebook and desktop with my company's servers I had to use Office for Mac.
    I started with the 2004 version, upgraded to the 2008 version and now 2011.
    I've used it on iMacs, MacAirs, MacPros and MacBooks on all the OS systems since 2006.
    It is fabulous.
    No problems with Outlook across 6 or 7 different email accounts - POP, IMAP and Exchange Server.
    Pretty much all the functionality of the Windows versions - better business software in my opinion, than Pages, Numbers, Mail and Keynote.
    Expensive but it's been great for me.

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    Perfectly acceptable

    • Written by from Cheltenham

    I am baffled by all the very negative reviews here. This programme is in use on two Macs and it works perfectly well. For anyone escaping Windows this is an excellent means of moving to Mac with all Outlook files intact and useable. For that reason alone it is worth buying. The transfer is fast and effective, including all contacts and complete file structure. Ignore the voices of doom.

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