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    random issues, losing work done

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    yes I've switched on recover and now set to 2 minutes and I unconsciously key 'cmd+s' regularly while typing - something I had to learn for office on windows.

    the problem is that you get random errors - at the moment it seems to be around using multi-level bullets - so I stopped using those, until MS release yet another update.

    word in particular is not optimised for Mac, even selecting a range of text with the touch pad doesn't work, so you have to place the cursor at the start of the selection and use the up/down keys to reach the end of the text to be selected.

    word for mac still remains a non-scalable product - the bigger the doc the more difficulties you incur. if you want to do docs of 1-15 pages it's generally OK apart from the above. once you start getting above 20 pages, then please be prepared for extra effort. I have a mid-range, latest spec macbook 15" and it's incredible that I have to wait 2/3 minutes for word to open a 60 page document - minimal formatting.... and don't get me started on templates - the implementation in word for mac is just pathetic, so much effort in attaining the doc format you really want in shot time despite having a 'template' that should do most of the work for you (apart from the words of course!).

    I use word solely for the interoperability with word for windows users - pages, although with its own issues, is a much better product for large docs, but the effort to make interoperable with word users doesn't cut vs struggling with word for windows.

    the point is, word has been available for at least one human generation and on the mac for at least 10 years from memory, yet there are still basic issues.

    perhaps MS should employ some coders and team leaders who take pride in their work OR at least know what they are doing and what people want to do with their products..............

    the joke is that you have to pay gbp100+ for office for mac, ha, ha

    good luck!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks nice enough, but missing some advanced features and unreliable

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    Interface is pleasant and easy enough to get to grips with for anyone still using Word 2003 and above. The new ribbon feature works well from an ergonomic point of view. There appear to be a number of advanced functions missing from this version of Word but given it's price there had to be some differences from the full version. However, the product as a whole fails due to poor reliability. Almost everyone considering this 'Home' suite will be doing so primarily for Word. I've had my iMac now for about six years - this is the only software on my system that crashes regularly - almost every time I use it, in fact. Several critical updates from Microsoft later, the problem remains. I would say that if you're on a Mac, it's still worth taking the time to get the hang of Pages for this reason alone.

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