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    Better than some wired headphones

    • Written by from Clydebank

    Recently popped by my local Apple store to get a new set of headphones. In the past I've had Atomic Floyd's (excellent headphones) and Beats Solo's (ok but too bulky for day to day travel), I was considering another wired set of headphone then I spotted these. If you're worried that there's a trade off between sound quality and lack of wires don't, I've had wired headphones at the same price that sound worse The sound quality is actually excellent clear mids and highs and not too much bass, vocals come out clear without distortion. One thing that comes up in a lot of reviews is the fit of these headphones. It's ultimately down to the shape of your ears but if you spend time trying the different sizes then the fit isn't a problem, I spent some time working through the different sizes of hooks and buds and having 2 different shaped inner ears I found the mix that works now they're glued in. You have 2 options wear them under ear or over ear, I found the under ear option pointless as you still have the wire dangling so no different from wired headphones, but over ear they are great, it takes a little getting used to the positioning of the wire but once you have that right you don't notice the wires at all, which is the main seller for me as I was sick of wires catching and phono plugs wearing out in my pockets with the bluebuds theres no way the wire catches or breaks and the battery really does last around 8 hours. Overall excellent headphones which I will buy again well worth the price.

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    Fit smaller ears.. just!

    • Written by from Towcester

    I have tiny ears, and most in ear headphones don't fit me at all.
    In the standard configuration, I can't get these to stay in, but bought some comply tips, and in the over the ear configuration, stay in fine.

    The sound is great, as others have said, you must have them correctly fitted to get a decent bass.

    I've had these since July and have done some 6-7 hour training walks in them. Have also used them on the cross trainer & rower with no issues at all.

    Highly recommended.

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    Excellent in-ear headphones with memory foam eartips

    • Written by from Sunderland

    I purchased this in-ear headphone as a Christmas treat. I have got to say its worth every single penny. At first I find it hard to adjust the eartips but after awhile I got the hang of it. I changed the eartips to memory foam ones which I bought from eBay called MoBeast. The memory foam eartips are extremely comfortable compared to silicon eartips.

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    Surprisingly positive

    • Written by from Aarhus C

    Just received the package an hour ago. Useful easy instructions emphazising importance of fit. Mine fit really well and they are no-bother-to-wear. Sound is really good, and I'm experienced in this field ! Looking forward to getting to know them even better.

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    • Written by from hornchurch

    I've had these beauties a year now and they are still going strong. They work perfectly with my iPhone 5 and my ipad air . Superb quality and sound . I use them when jogging and they don't budge. I don't work for jaybird, but these are the only Bluetooth headsets on the market. forget the rest!

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    Excellent Headphones

    • Written by from Chorley

    Just purchased a pair of these a couple of weeks ago and they are just great. They fit like a dream (you may need to change the ear tips around to get the correct fit) They stay put in my ears and block out a fair amount of outside sound if you get the right fit. Aside from they they just sound great.

    Expensive ..... Yes, but well worth it.

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