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    Potentially brilliant - if only they would fit properly

    • Written by from Wanstead

    I researched bluetooth earbuds extensively and the Bluebuds X seemed to come out on top. After some fiddling with different sized buds, I was very pleased with the sound quality - surprisingly balanced with decent bass; a vast improvement over the standard iPhone offering. The trouble is that even the right size of bud doesn't keep them in place securely for long; the moment you move they do too and then you instantly lose the bass. I was forever pushing them around my ears to get the seal that is essential to getting any bass - and I'm not looking for heavy bass; just a balanced sound. In the end I gave up with huge reluctance and took them back for a refund (no problem with Apple), as in every other respect these are brilliant. I wonder if Jaybird have compromised on the material used in order to be able to offer the lifetime sweat warranty. Shame. I might give them another go and get some compatible foam buds as suggested by another reviewer.

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