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    G Raid 4 TB drive not great to edit video with

    • Written by from Bristol

    I just bought one of these drives

    I think Apple really needs to look seriously at whether this drive is any good for editing with. Yes the drive can handle all those video codecs as stated BUT this drive like the GDrive 4TB also spins down all the time even after a slight pause in using it. If you are editing in FCP (haven't tried Adobe yet) you will get the SBOD until the drive comes up to speed. This can really be annoying ( not to mention the wait) as any further "button pressing" etc will just clog things up. Also despite a fan on this unit the box ( I have mine sitting on top of my desk with plenty of cool air circulation, the case still gets quite warm. The fan seems pretty weak on this unit (at least mine)

    Maybe this is only a feature of 4TB drives as my 2TB GRAID ( which by the way ARE NOT RAID at all, they are RAID 0 and can NOT be changed- ok one needs to read the box blurb v carefully) does not spin down unless I command it to LOL, ie I put it to sleep.

    Bottom line, drive is ok if you don't want to work fast but if you are a fast editor and most pros are, then this drive may not be for you.

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