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    • Written by from staffs

    you have just got the iphone 5 so like me you want a case that looks good but protects your investement. So just to save you wasting money getting 4 previous cases like i did, yes i went for the trendy expensive picture ones, expensive but hard plastic and no protection round the edge, Then i went for different bumper cases one to show off the back then another that did not. but no protection for the screen Then i went for the classic leather with a snap front classy but sooo annoying after a few days, So I then read a few reviews off other websites and went for this one. It ticks all the boxes. it is nice shiny white yes it will get a few surface marks, it has edge that is higher than the screen so if you drop it it will protect the screen and lie it face down and it does not move as the rubber grips. the buttons are all covered and work fine.

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    A neat, functional case.

    • Written by from Waltham Cross

    I bought this in advance of buying my iPhone 5 so I had protection from day 1. It looks good and gives reasonable protection. My only concern is its slippery surface that might make it slide too easily on a smooth surface. A slightly matt finish or some non-slip strips would make this case almost perfect. Time will tell how quickly it scuffs and looks less appealing.

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    great but

    • Written by from Birmingham

    its a great case, I have white one, but there is small but, the inner rubber is wearing off which makes the phone covered in small rubber bits.

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    Not tough enough to stand up to Farm use

    • Written by from Wichelsea

    This is a good case for anyone who uses their phone within most everyday circumstances however I use mine on the farm and in areas that are often quite dusty, the case soaks up the nocks and bumps but after just a month it looks warn and the plastic part of the casing has cracked, this is from where the phone has been removed to clean dust away, (it's not that easy to remove). However my phone still looks great....., if it had lasted longer I'd have given it 5 stars.

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    I love speck products -they are one of the best,

    • Written by from liverpool

    I had this phone case for the iPhone4S but l missed me speck case. so l ordered the pink & Grey - loved it so much so l ordered another the white and black or navvy blue and glad l bought these beautiful case.

    They are amazing and they do protect you're iPhone. I Just wish Apple would do the speck pixel cases as well for the iPhone. Yet us can get the pixel case for the iPhone4s - I use speck products on me iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.

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    Great level of protection but flawed

    • Written by from Newtownards

    Initially loved this case, felt great to hold, fitted phone like a glove..... that was until roughly 10 days after fitting it!

    Through perfectly normal use, in and out of pockets, charger being plugged in once or twice a day, and having to remove the phone from the case occasionally to clean out dust - the razor thin piece of plastic to the screen side of the lightning port had snapped!

    To add further insult to injury, I removed the case to find that the part of the case which surrounds the camera lens had engraved a nice oval on the glass of the phone!

    Really disappointed with what is a reasonably expensive case. Thankfully the staff at my local Apple store were superb and promptly refunded the item.