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    What a fantastic external hard drive!

    • Written by from Workington

    I purchased this external hard drive to use with my 2012 iMac for Time Machine.

    The G-Technology drive can connect by either Firewire or USB 3 (I use the USB 3 connection).

    Before I set it up for Time Machine I wanted to see how much faster USB 3 was to USB 2. So what I did was, I had a 3.96 GB folder which contained some video's. I firstly copied this folder from my iMac to my USB 2 external hard drive and the total time took to copy was 1 minute 49 seconds.

    I then copied the same folder to the G-Technology drive and it took just 24 seconds. I knew USB 3 would be faster than USB 2 but not that much faster.

    For Time Machine this drive is perfect, it has masses of storage and with USB 3 speeds, Time Machine backups are done in seconds. I tend to do a Time Machine backup once a day, and with me installing a fair amount of my stuff (due to just receiving my iMac) the backups are in the region of 10-15GB. This drive completes these 10-15GB backups in around 30 seconds over USB 3.

    I find the drive to be relatively quiet although not as quiet as the iMac, but that's only to be expected as this external hard drive is on the outside and not on the inside like the iMac's hard drive is.

    The build quality and materials used are superb. Its made of aluminium and is an exact match for the iMac or Macbook's. The hard drive is very solidly built.

    For me, this drive ticks all the boxes. Its fast, very well made, the design is a perfect compliment to the iMac or Macbooks.

    I cannot recommend this drive enough.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good External Hard Drive

    • Written by from Järvenpää

    Durable and Silent External Hard Drive With Good Price.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    G Drive 4TB drive

    • Written by from Bristol

    These drives are terrible. I will be returning this drive shortly to the Apple store where I bought it. Despite disk util saying nothing is wrong, it hangs FCP all the time, can no,t and randomly decides when it can be unmounted, spins down way to much causing problems and is is way too slow. Can not be daisy chained even with only one other FW800 drive (from a MacPro fully pimped out) tonnes of errors there that require rebooting in most cases. Very disappointed with this drive. When G Tech first came out they were good but their QC is terrible now. Previously I returned a GRaid 2TB as it had mechanical failures withing 2 weeks of operation. NOT good if you are making a living from being an editor. Who to trust?

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    Not Good

    • Written by from Gerrards Cross

    Umm... firstly as stated before by a number of people, these drives are noisy, spin up and down randomly and blink away in the evening in a way I can only assume is to warn off ships from the rocks.

    Aside from all that though, they seem to have a finite life of around 12 to 18 months and then fail. I have had three of theses, 2 x 2TB and a 4TB for Time Machine. I have had all of them fail within the above timeframe which is appalling considering the price.

    Switching to something else because protecting my data is important to me and I do not trust these drives any more.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Too noisy, too slow, too unreliable.

    • Written by from Reading

    The noise from this drive would probably be fine for a working environment but it's too loud for the living room unless you have a suitable cabinet. It's about the same volume as my MacBook Pro when the optical drive is spinning and the fan is on full.

    I've been trying to put my iTunes library on the drive and so far it comes to around 1.5 TB - and I've just spent the last 20 mins waiting for the drive to accept one new piece of album art (via Airport Extreme USB). It seems to fall asleep, takes a while to wake up and then gets quite confused - endless spinning ball followed by jerky response.

    The first time i used this drive (Airport Extreme USB) it unmounted and Disk Utility said it needed repair. Since then it's unmounted four times in a week but hasn't needed further repair.

    Why two stars? Because this is the third drive I've bought and every list of reviews I've seen seems to have at least one tale of woe like this. I'm starting to think it's just a matter of pot luck - and this drive may be as good a gamble as any.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    G-Technology 4TB G-Drive Falls Asleep all the time

    • Written by from Beaverton

    Even when told not to sleep by Mac OS X Mavericks, both my 4-TB G-Drives always fall asleep after just a few minutes. This makes working on multitrack recording using these drives extremely tedious and annoying. They need to respect the system sleep settings and stop snoozing on the job! They should also still fall asleep as expected when the system sleeps.

    This falling asleep "Feature" makes these drives lose all the praise any of their other features would warrant. They become targets for replacement with a better product.

    Also, there is no mention of this in their support documentation. I know this is an issue for even earlier versions of their products. Their complete lack of acknowledgement and failure to address this issue makes me want to work with a different company next time too.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    A quality component...

    • Written by from Liverpool

    ... with room for a little improvement.

    It looks great, is solidly built and was put straight to work with no fuss at all - I'm running it via firewire 800 and it transfers my files at a fair old pace.

    However, it doesn't have the quietest of fans (not loud especially, but not particularly quiet either) and the ultra bright, blinking LED has proven to be a real distraction (in my low-key office). Sadly, I've had to relocate away from my desk to save it distracting during photo-editing - which is a shame really, as it did look good next to my iMac.

    For build quality, ease of use, looks and speed it is easily recommended - just wish I could turn off that blinking LED!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fast and reliable

    • Written by from Lisburn

    I bought this drive a few months ago and have found it reliable, quiet and fast. I haven't quite managed to work out the best way to connect the drive to my Mac i.e. whether Thunderbolt is faster than USB3 as I have been impressed with transfer with both. The drive also looks great beside my MBP. It comes complete with Thunderbolt cable which is another plus!

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Does not work with Time Machine

    • Written by from Maidstone

    I decided to invest in a new external drive specifically for Time Machine. Instead of sticking to my standard Western Digital drives I decided to look for something different and saw the G-Technology drives in the Apple Store.

    These drives are very solidly made and the design is really sleek and impressive, much better than the standard WD black boxes (but a lot more expensive also). The only trouble is they don't work with Time Machine. There is a known issue (allegedly related to file permissions) that results Time Machine 'write errors'.

    Various workarounds (swapping the drive, upgrading the firmware) do not work but switching to USB did (it seems there may be a known Firewire problem). Only problem is this may not be a good fix for older Macs running USB 2.0.

    G-Technology are saying its a known Apple problem (Time Machine). The Apple Store still states "Plus it's plug and play on Mac OSX and ready to use with Time Machine". So beware, you are unlikely to get a refund because G-Technology say the drive is not faulty or because you swapped the drive for a later model in the hope it may work.

    Nice looking drive though. Oh, and it is noisy.....

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