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    Fast and reliable

    • Written by from Lisburn

    I bought this drive a few months ago and have found it reliable, quiet and fast. I haven't quite managed to work out the best way to connect the drive to my Mac i.e. whether Thunderbolt is faster than USB3 as I have been impressed with transfer with both. The drive also looks great beside my MBP. It comes complete with Thunderbolt cable which is another plus!

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    What a fantastic external hard drive!

    • Written by from Workington

    I purchased this external hard drive to use with my 2012 iMac for Time Machine.

    The G-Technology drive can connect by either Firewire or USB 3 (I use the USB 3 connection).

    Before I set it up for Time Machine I wanted to see how much faster USB 3 was to USB 2. So what I did was, I had a 3.96 GB folder which contained some video's. I firstly copied this folder from my iMac to my USB 2 external hard drive and the total time took to copy was 1 minute 49 seconds.

    I then copied the same folder to the G-Technology drive and it took just 24 seconds. I knew USB 3 would be faster than USB 2 but not that much faster.

    For Time Machine this drive is perfect, it has masses of storage and with USB 3 speeds, Time Machine backups are done in seconds. I tend to do a Time Machine backup once a day, and with me installing a fair amount of my stuff (due to just receiving my iMac) the backups are in the region of 10-15GB. This drive completes these 10-15GB backups in around 30 seconds over USB 3.

    I find the drive to be relatively quiet although not as quiet as the iMac, but that's only to be expected as this external hard drive is on the outside and not on the inside like the iMac's hard drive is.

    The build quality and materials used are superb. Its made of aluminium and is an exact match for the iMac or Macbook's. The hard drive is very solidly built.

    For me, this drive ticks all the boxes. Its fast, very well made, the design is a perfect compliment to the iMac or Macbooks.

    I cannot recommend this drive enough.

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    Good External Hard Drive

    • Written by from Järvenpää

    Durable and Silent External Hard Drive With Good Price.

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