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    • Written by from Plymouth

    Bought this a week ago and it has already paid for its self. Only bad thing i can think of is the app could do with some more work and the ability to turn off tethered mode would also be great. As leaving location setting on it drains the battery. all in all great device.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Simple & easy to use good bit of kit

    • Written by from CHESTERFIELD

    I've been playing with this all day I can see it has a lot of potential and for £60 I would say it is worth the money because it looks really cool and is just the right size and shape so when it's attached to your keys doesn't draw attention to itself but looking at it it closer it's very cool, theres a big find me button that looks a bit like the apple home key press this button and it alerts your phone or use the app to find your keys. It's important to remember bluetooth doesn't have a very long range it states 50m but forget about that if your inside, walls etc. effect the signal so even in a three storey house it goes out of range but in a large office or supermarket this is where I think it would get used most, home use not so good.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Idea I wish that I had thought of this

    • Written by from Harlow

    I remember years ago there was a device that made sounded an alarm if you whistled in the proximity of your keys. I got one and was disappointed as you had to be in the hearing distance of the keys.

    A free app needs to be downloaded from the app store, but thats not that difficult.

    20 years later there is a new improved version of the keyfinder that has the added benefit of being able to find your phone too.

    There are three main uses for me:-

    1 . Finding lost keys
    2. Finding lost phone
    3. Ensuring that you don't leave anywhere leaving one of these essentials.

    There is a proximity detector that goes of if your devices get separated. Also, a movement detector and child mode (that I don't get)

    Great product, decent app, wish I invented it. The bluetooth range is key to this device.

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