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    It's just a remote shutter release with a cable....

    • Written by from Glossop

    It actually works well, allowing you to time how long the shutter stays open on long exposures when using a tripod, for example. The interval setting is interesting but ties up an iOS device with all the device sleep and power requirements that may incur.
    The app itself at basic level is straightforward to use but gets a little confusing and less intuitive using the extra "pro" functions. The lite version is free but the "pro" costs another £6.99. At this price I would expect the pro functions in with overall cost - this unit is not cheap.
    The cable supplied is not really long enough but you could buy an extension I guess. The app needs you to plug into the headphone socket of your iOS device, the plug supplied fouled on my iPhone case - it's too bulky. When you have it plugged in it nags you to set the volume to max or it won't work properly, so be careful next time you use headphones!
    Don't be expecting to see any sort of picture from your DSLR on your iOS device, it's just a shutter release trigger - no image transfer.
    I would like this better if it was wireless in some way - maybe one could use it via AirPlay or Bluetooth if you were an enterprising type!

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