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    Works well, snug fit

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    This drive is good size and fits on my key chain perfectly. It's robust, stylish and it seems to be very well built. The speed is great, too.

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    • Written by from Leicester

    Was reluctant to spend £70 at first, but well worth it. It has raised my Thunderbolt display to a comfortable viewing level now. I keep my Mac Mini inside it, it looks really neat and tidy on the desk now.

    Don't see the point of using the screws as the magnets hold perfectly.

    Going to buy the BackPack shelf next or maybe even two.

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    Elevated praise

    • Written by from Telford

    I purchased two of these HiRise stands when I first saw them advertised. At the time they were not available in the UK so I ordered them directly from Twelve South in the US. They arrived within a week for a flat delivery rate of $25 (taxes do apply). I have one each for my two MacPro displays and they have elevated the displays to a much more ergonomic level for viewing and working. They are both stylish and versatile (even the boxes they come in are versatile). I use one to house a 3TB Time Capsule, the other various smaller Apple bits and pieces, but because of this I have not used the little screws to attach the front panels, no need they are magnetic. Other items sit on the flat tops. Twelve South thought of everything.

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    • Written by from Peterborough

    I just purchased the HiRise for my late 2012 27" iMac. I have the shelf on the 4th step from the bottom and have hidden my LaCie Porsche 3TB Hard-drive that I am using as a Time Capsule on the bottom of the HiRise and then on top of the iMac Stand I have put my Apple Superdrive. I also have various cables hidden inside as well.

    This product is very well designed, worth the price and looks perfect with an iMac.

    It hides the cables very well and gives my iMac that boost in hight that I needed. The only thing that could make it better would be to do a additional insert that could raise the total height of the HiRise.

    A definite must buy accessory if you appreciate apple style minimalism, design and use.

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