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    No Motion Detection Schedule function

    • Written by from Blackthorn

    we bought four of these cameras for our office and home monitoring purposes. However the camera doesn't have the most fundamental function which is the motion detection scheduling allowing you to set when you want the camera to enable/disable the motion/sound detection! This means that he motion/sound detection push notification with this model can only be set to on or off. So if you have it on (which you obviously want in order for camera to let you know in case someone tries to break in), you have to put up with receiving 1000's of false emails/notifications of a motion or sound detection when you are in and about during the day (imagine having this in an office with 6 employees and customers coming in)... When you turn it off you obviously stop receiveing notifications all together which defeats the whole purpose of having security camera in a first place. Dlink's custumer service response was that we should have purchased DCS-2310l /dcs-2132l instead. My problem is that there is no clear information anywhere provided by D-link that such a basic and trivial information is missing from some of their (even higher end) models!!!

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    Mac installation hopeless

    • Written by from Rossett

    I have wasted nearly a whole day working out how to install this on my mac. I need java 6 which no-one tells you and it seems virtually impossible to find and download. I am off to call apple now and see if they can help.

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