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    Guilty pleasure

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    When I bought these the Apple employee in the store called over a friend to show how expensive they are. I was already feeling guilty about the purchase and this compounded the situation. But I was in a US Apple store so was already ahead of the game regarding UK pricing. I persevered.

    And I'm so glad that I did. Having used a high-end Shure product for years, the difference was unbelievable. Compared to the Beats Tour set that I bought my teenager for his birthday, the UE900 were still way ahead. To sum them up, think about the best hi-fi experience you've ever had, in terms of absolute realism and clarity of soundstage, well-integrated bass, all inside your head and at a fraction of the price of high-end speakers.

    Having left the Apple store, I threw away the over-the-top packaging and plugged them into my iPhone. A huge grin broke out as I re-discovered track after track. Later on, I switched to my iPod Classic with 120gigs of Apple Lossless-encoded music and the experience went to a new level.

    Yes, they're ridiculously expensive but the value they offer is absolutely in line with that. If you can justify them, go for it, you won't be disappointed.

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    Exceptional earphones for lovers of quality audio!!

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    Iv in the past had UE TripleFi 10 earphones a great ultimate ears earphone thats lasted many years and exceptional reviews on the web! iv used Shure 535, Atomic Floyd Super Darts, westones and the likes. These earphones though are just fantastic for clean, flat and accurate audio. 4 drivers in each earphone cover all frequencies very well with lovely mids highs and accurate not over the top low! The buds cleverly fit into your ear and the case really helps to isolate your audio! the best iv used for isolation. The cables are a solid feel and quality throughout and you get 2!!

    In the box your getting your moneys worth with a wealth of rubber and foam buds as well as two braided cables (blue and black) one optimised for apple gear. Great carry case, bag, clip, plane adapters etc! Overall great earphones from a high end manufacturer of professional audio!! Musicians will love these for a universal fit monitor as well!! great for stage use! Enjoy Guys!!

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