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    Best Speaker [on a Budget]

    • Written by from Deal

    This is the best speaker that I have found, I had the iPhone 4 and now have updated to the 5. This has not been made unusable as it is wireless, unlike my other Bose dock, or Roberts Radio.
    It's sound is fabulous - which you would expect from both Bose and its cost.
    I took it on holiday as a pool-side speaker at our villa & its volume is great, and there is no distortion that I could hear. Everyone else agrees with me.
    I only had £300 to spend on a speaker at the time, and this one was the best I could find from other reviews/going into the apple store to give it a try.
    Penultimately, It's battery lasts around 8hrs, and the Red Battery Warning light switches on with ~45 minutes to go in power [never actually timed it!] but it gives you enough time to find a suitable charging point.
    Final point: it says it sounds best when not in a corner & at least 50cm off the floor? Well, it still sounds great when sat on the floor, or in a corner as it now sits in the corner of my living room, and I used it on the floor while on holiday as there was no other suitable place for it to go.
    I recommend this product to anyone getting a speaker for portability &/or use as a day-to-day/party speaker.

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    • Written by from derby

    This portal speaker is better then my hi-if! Was a little unsure at the start if to would be loud enough, but god it makes a noise and its portal! Superb sound quality with a nice strong bass. Great battery life I get around 8ish hours not playing it loud when i'm just chilling. Also i love how I can have my radio app on my iPhone then plays it through the speaker. Plus if your watching a film on your mac/ipad you can play the music through the speaker. Well worth the money. You will not be disappointed!

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    If you use it for many things

    • Written by from Gateshead

    If you're looking for perfect audio for everything, this is not for you. If you're looking for great sound per square inch AND you have several devices you would use this speaker for, it's for you.

    I never thought I would buy this, it's too expensive for what it is, but listening to it in store convinced me.

    What it is: something you can use with every device you have that is not connected to a proper sound system and it sounds better than anything I've heard of a similar size/connectivity/weight etc.

    The reason it's good value to me is that it's used every day to massively enhance the sound of two phones, two laptops, a tablet and a TV (TV through aux, not Bluetooth).

    Versatility is what makes the value, not the sound quality or the build quality. If you only use it occasionally then it's too expensive in my opinion. But for me it is a gem.

    The only negative I can say about the product, apart from the price, is the Bluetooth connection consistency. I haven’t owned other Bluetooth speakers, but it seems from other reviews of this and similar products that it’s a weakness and Bluetooth is clearly not designed to carry high quality audio in the first place. The main problem is some clipping (think a click on a scratched vinyl record), which normally can be rectified by disconnecting and reconnecting.

    For me it’s a great buy, but think about what you’re expecting and what you’re going to use it for before buying. And if you have the opportunity, listen before you buy. I love it, doesn't mean you will, it's a lot of money for a small speaker.

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    Products running iOS7 will not connect

    • Written by from Lerwick

    My iPhone 5, which used to run on iOS6 connected to my speakers fine until I updated to iOS7 and it now no longer connects. I cannot connect to this product in the Apple Store and and neither could my friend who's also running iOS7 on his iPhone 5. I spoke to a member of staff about this issue and I was told to just return the product. I thought this was a ridiculous thing to suggest as the speakers are not faulty, it's just an issue with the software running on the handset (iOS7).

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    A Great Sounding, Well Priced Portable Speaker System.. Typically BOSE

    • Written by from Ilkley

    Ive been a big fan of BOSE for sometime now and my collection spans various headphones from QC15i Limited Edition OE, to home cinema systems and a Companion 5 speaker setup to accompany my iMac.. lets just say, when it comes to BOSE, I have a pretty good idea what I'm talking about...

    You have to ask yourself 'Why you actually bought this in the first place'? From a monetary perspective, yes its expensive, but then you knew it would be as soon as you started searching for BOSE products.

    What folk need to remember is generally people hear music 'differently'. For some BOSE products can sport too much bass, for others it lacks mid-range where a select few complain about the lack of depth or even clarity. Its all about preference and how you like to hear your own music. Some folk have the treble whacked right up on their car stereos, others may have it on a negative preset. As i say.. Its preference.

    What you have here is a straight down the middle, excellent sound and build quality that caters for almost everyone right across the board, straight out of the box. Personally, my experience of my new sound link is that it sounds fantastic in all situations i have used it. From Military Barracks to my home, this has not disappointed me once. For such a compact small piece of technology, The quality is fantastic and in my opinion, the depth across all ranges is better than some other larger leading market stereo systems that command a significantly unjustified yet larger price tag.

    Sadly, some people also expect some orchestral 7.1 concert hall filling professional show level system for £300 which just is not realistic or more to the point, going to happen.

    You need to ask yourself, what am I going to use this for, and can i afford it? If your looking for great 'portable sound' that you can connect a whole plethora of mobile devices to then look no further.. £300 is a great price for a BOSE product that allows you to do exactly that supporting both Aux In and Bluetooth, this sound link is completely versatile.

    If your trying to justify the cost then this isn't for you, If you want a fantastic sounding portable system for work / bbq's / home gyms / gardens etc and want the quality that you have heard before in BOSE products, look no further. The only other slightly cheaper substitute is the BOSE Mini which is also great but lacks the quality you will get from this. If you can, get into BOSE and ask them to demo these products in one of their side rooms, you will quickly see the difference.

    Finally, There is not much difference between this and the Sound Link III so save your money. A few extra presets and a bit of a longer battery.. even the salesman at BOSE tole me the Sound Link II sounds better but again, you have to decide that for yourself..

    Happy Hunting.

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    The best Bose portable to date. Series 2 BoseSoundlink

    • Written by from Bromley

    I have to say I love the speaker. I took it with me on a 2 week business trip across 5 cities. It was great to watch iTunes movies on my IPAD mini with the Bose speaker. Then in the mornings you can pump the sound with your iPhone or iPad via the SoundLink
    I think personally the device looks fantastic and is well built and well finished unlike other brands.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    don't bother to read these reviews, JUST BUY IT !!!

    • Written by from London

    Buy it thats all I can say....

    I am pro user and I had many speakers, I listen a music a lot and I know what quality is....

    My floor is shaking, I am listening some songs now using this speaker. It blowed my expectation....

    I am so happy I purchased it. :):)

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Shipley

    I think anything that changes what you listen to, and how & when you listen to it, is quite a remarkable piece of machinery. This is one of them. Forget that it's a bluetooth sound dock; it's far more than that. It's a very well crafted and designed audio playback system - that just happens to be portable and battery powered. The sound quality is remarkable - detailed, lively, spacious, not in the least tiring to listen to, plenty of bass. It has some very clever DSP processing which corrects cabinet colourations, equalisation and time delay - you don't see any of this, but you certainly hear the result. It will attract plenty of disbelieving looks and comments. Beautiful build quality; 'battleship' springs to mind - elegant, smart and with big chunky buttons and subtle display lights. It wouldn't look out of place in a science fiction movie. Not the cheapest device of its kind - but the results transcend the price. Have a listen to one first - but I can promise you won't be dissapointed.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Just the best

    • Written by from Shrewsbury

    Opened up my music to me. This speaker gives high quality output in a really usable way. Really happy with this. Connects beautifully, sounds fantastic and the the battery's lasts about three evenings continues play without charging...