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    • Written by from Manchester

    I'm not an audiophile and the musicians would no doubt knock these cans. I, however, think they are just wonderful. They are gadgety enough for me (touch controls et al) and so very easy to use. It's my last point that is the most important ... I have a pair of Sennheiser headphones which have all the features you would expect, noise reduction, real leather etc., BUT they are not easy to use. These Ziks are. No doubt they are priced way too high but THEY"RE EASY TO USE and that's what makes them great in my book. The sound is good too, to my ears.

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    Turns Santa to Saint

    • Written by from Croydon

    I gave myself these for Christmas last year. They are the dogs. Bluetooth noise cancelling. They've got style, touch controls, but most of all a plethora of sounds. You will hear stuff you’ve never heard before and the app allows you to customise the sound to the nth degree right up to to concert level. Worth every penny. If your loved one loves music, you'll go down in history with a gift of these.

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    Best investment ever

    • Written by from london

    I'm a musician and a music lover. This headphones are the best headphones i ever head. Sound quality is by far better then any (affordable) device in the market today (you can test them all and compare). Just don't bob your heard too hard as " there is no cable" and they are a bit heavy. The bass....... I'll let you hear it for yourself. And the touch pad controller on the actual headphones makes it easy to do whatever while you're listening to music and chatting on the phone. You don't have to believe my words but for the fun of it, Go to your nearest apple store and try them all, Parrot Zik is going home with you in the end.

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    • Written by from Miami

    Never maintain a connection and turn off for no reason and often impossible to turn back on for hours if not days.

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