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    Fantastic headphones!

    • Written by from Northampton

    I consider myself very much a B&W fan having purchased the Zeppelin Air & P5 Headphones. Then, as soon as the P3's were announced as headphones sandwiched in-between the C5's & P5's, I knew I wanted them!

    Unboxing is typical B&W, the whole thing reeks of quality throughout. Once you lift the first part of the box you are greeted with the hard case shell that holds the neatly folded P3's. I love the way the P3's elegantly fold inwards & upwards proving that these headphone's are all about portability.

    I love the elegant design of the P3's. Everything looks extremely well thought out & sliding out the adjustment Left & Right for that perfect fit is very slick.

    Ok so how do these things sound? Well upon first listen they sound fantastic! They seem to hold their own on everything I threw at them with the right amount of bass, highs & lows. Vocal range is nice & clear & to sum it up I would say that the P3's produce a very natural sound.

    I was thinking how were my P5's going to sound once I went back to them & here is where the extra money spent on the P5's show true. They produce an overall better sound than the P3's, are more comfortable on the ears with the leather & more coverage on the ears, but don't let this put you off the P3's in any way. For the money, they are fantastic value for money headphones, that are well built & sound fantastic. It's just that for the extra £80 spent on the P5's you're paying for a higher grade product, but as I write this now, the P3's have become my main choice for my go to headphone for everyday portability & quality sound.

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    B&W P3 Headphones

    • Written by from WEYBRIDGE

    I decided to buy these headphones as a replacement for my Bose OE2i headphones.I needed headphones to use with I -pad & I-pod/phone the Bose were fine but during hot days or prolonged use my ears would get to hot with leather ear cushions.The sound quality of these headphones is fantastic very clear and detailed with good solid bass and very clear vocal.The type of music i listen to is varied (house,R&B,jazz opera),but also works well with the spoken word or video.The pads on the headphones are extremity comfortable and over time they mould to your ears.The build Quality of these headphones are second to none .Top end materials are used and the headphones are a piece of art in themselves.The pads fold back into the headband for Travel and to put in case (the only negative I would say is the case is bit cheap for expensive headphones and snaps shut with some speed so watch your fingers.i would recommend the headphones to anybody .

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    • Written by from Nottingham

    Great sound, extremely comfortable and very very stylish.

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    Just about worth the money

    • Written by from London

    Firstly let me say I am extraordinarily picky about my headphones and I'm a violinist so I do have quite sensitive ears for small details, and I listen to a very wide range of music from bassy tech to classical so I've tested the P3’s for most audiences.

    Form: very comfortable. Rather smaller than I had originally thought, folded up they fit one hand. They undoubtedly look stunning and the build quality is unquestionable. What's more lets face it, they are a great fashion statement, definitely not mainstream like beats (which are wholly overpriced just saying)!

    Sound: My first comment is that they are very very bassy. They're rather quiet and they leak a lot of sound. Would not NOT be suitable in a library even at low volumes. They allow you to hear stunning fine details in the music however and do produce a good sound. This means that they are really nice for high tones (classical music for example).
    Previously I had a pair of £10 in ear headphones which to call stunning is an understatement! Personally, because they fit me perfectly, the sound was directed straight to my ear canals so they were brilliant for me.

    Over all I would say they are very nice but I'm not entirely confident about the price. Perhaps £130 would be more reasonable. And yes I know I'm being very picky about them, but someone has to be.

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    • Written by from Glossop

    I was going to purchase another make of headphones just because I wanted them in blue!! Then I went into my local store and tried the "blue" headphones along side these. The B &W won. I listen to a wide range of music and these won hands down! They come complete with a hard shell case which is great. If your not convinced go to your local apple store try these, then listen to the same song on another set of headphones, that's what I did.

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    Go buy these headphones!!!

    • Written by from Somersham

    I love listening to music and thought it was time to man up and buy some better headphones. The audio is so well balenced and crisp with a lovely responce. I listen to a lot of bass heavy music (d'n'd, dubstep, hip hop, trap ect) the bass is so clear and not over bias like you find on the homie'd up beats headphones.

    I bought my dad the monster inspirations for chirstmas, they are a nice headphone but comparing audio quality the P3 are better with clearer mids and lows.

    Only downside is when walking my dogs and with the P3 being open cup you get some slight wind noise. Apart from that the construction and sound of these puppies are amazing. GO BUY THEM!

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    Was good with I4s, too much base for i5

    • Written by from Twickenham

    Like the bigger brother and in ears B&W seem to enhance the lower tones... This was good for the i4 & i4s but the i5 output has more base, so paired with B&W its too much.

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