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    So good!

    • Written by from Portlaoise

    This is a great case, the finishing and design are perfect and could not be better. The battery charged my iPHone4S up to 100% from 35% (I have yet to try it on a bead battery, but other users say it gets to about 90% which is amazing!). The only thing I have against this item is that the bottom clip that pulls off is easy to take off when their is no iPhone in the case, however with the iPhone in it, it took a good 5minutes to get off, it's really in there, I mean REALLY in there! So bare that in mind. Apart from that point, I honestly love this item!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    OMG Fantastic

    • Written by from liverpool

    How good is this !!! Well let me tell you i bought my Mophie Juice Pack last week and apart from not being able to take my eyes of its good looks and pleasant feel to the touch its just the best thing for any IPhone 4S or 4 , i was out the other night and i was busy all day and then i charged it and there we have it just super ha ha well done that product designer

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