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    • Written by from London

    I have had B&O kit for more than 20 years. I wanted to reduce the wires and simplify cabling and actually to shift the beautiful beosystem I have because I mainly use iTunes for music now and it's overkill! I am also moving to a place with a terrace and I thought the portability might be useful. In any case I went to try out various speaker combinations at the B&O shop. I was keen on the A9, and also listened to the A8, both of which I quite liked. For good measure I listened to the A12 and I was astonished at how good it was compared to the other two units. Certainly the A9, had a little more spaciousness, and it is very beautiful, but for the money the sound from the A12 was only very slightly less good. Most of the difference happens at higher volumes, which do not really interest me anyway. It's great that you can move it to where you want it, including by where the projector projects onto the wall, or into another room. I found the setup was reasonably straight forward, but once done it's fine. I'm very pleased with it, and it looks great too. It lightens the room having such a small footprint too. My old B&O remote drives it too, even changing tracks from my iPhone!

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Good sound, bad Airplay implementation, latent hiss, fiddly cables

    • Written by from London

    This speaker is beautiful and delivers good sound, although a little bass-heavy and splashy for my taste. However, the underlying electronics simply aren't good enough to warrant £600.

    1. When in a quiet room the speaker emits an audible hiss when it's not playing music. It's not so loud that you'd notice it immediately on walking into the room, but audible enough to be distracting if you're sitting next to it.

    2. Airplay is patchy, and has intermittent problems connecting to the network, even with the latest firmware, and has trouble when there's more than a single brick wall between it and the router, no matter how close the router is. From pressing the button to getting a network connection is usually a couple of minutes, which seems far too long, and may have something to do with the Airplay system not being particularly well built.

    3. Because the socket for the power cable is at the back of a deep inset for cable storage, and you need some force to push the cable into the socket, plugging and unplugging the speaker is really fiddly.

    4. The battery would cut out occasionally, even after having been charging for a day. This may have been to do with the cable not having been plugged in properly, but because it's fiddly it can be difficult to tell whether it's in just from the feel - you have to manually check the charging light.

    This isn't a high enough standard for such an expensive speaker. It may look great, but great design is about function too, and I returned mine after three weeks because because of all the little functional niggles.

    Save yourself £300 and buy a Bose Soundlink Air instead. It also has great sound, it's silent when not playing music, it's portable, the Airplay integration is robust and seamless, and there aren't any of the fiddly power connections.

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    great! but no app remote available!

    • Written by from København K

    It sounds great but very disappointing that there is no remote available in any app store. So terribly stupid that you cannot turn it on, and connect it to wifi, from your couch with your mobile device!

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    Why you should consider this quality product

    • Written by from BLANDFORD FORUM

    I am a sound engineer of some 30 years. My sister bought me this as a present thinking she needed to spend good money to impress my critical ears. Shocked by her generosity, I offered to return it, it couldn't be worth the money. I was told to try it out first. Compact with a quirky diagonal handle its aesthetically pleasing, solid without being heavy, while retaining simple good design. Good wired interfaces and wireless streaming that works fine once setup. Like all technology if you follow the instructions properly it works. Then I realised it was portable with its own battery - impressive. But sound quality? As a professional I would say this produces good, accurate, quality sound - very good in fact. Sound is subjective. It relies upon a good source recording and a good room acoustic. The sound is warm, mellow, plenty loud enough and low signal to noise. I have kept it and use it every day, wherever I am. Thank you sister.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from York

    Can't recommend this enough. Do not be fooled by the fact that it's portable or small. The Beolit 12 is a proper sound system that gives a big, grown up, audiophile-quality sound that rivals premium quality 'bigger' stereo systems, such as Denon. Now add back in that on top of that, it's almost unbelievably small and portable and you have something really special.

    The sound quality amongst the best I've heard. The output feels almost unidirectional; it fills a whole room with a whole room with a full and rich sound pretty much irrespective of where you put it. I tested this against the sound from a BeoPlay 8 in a dealer and the Beolit 12 was better.

    Configuring the AirPlay for the first time is a little quirky but once setup it couldn't be easier. A great way to experience your music.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I love this speaker

    • Written by from Glostrup

    Really great sound. Plays loud and with a nice bass and all middle tones.
    Cool and very practical design. It doesn't look like all the futuristic speakers on the marked.
    Portable with long battery life. I use it everywhere.
    Nice with AirPlay, and it syncs fine with my other AirPlay speakers.
    It has a nice room for cables.
    The downsides: It takes two minutes to turn on WiFi, and the setup software could be better.
    I love this speaker, which is hereby highly recommended. :-)

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    • Written by from Winchester

    Beautifully compact and the best sound I've ever heard from a unit anywhere near this size. More than powerful enough for an average sized room. I don't feel that there's anything wrong with the set-up software, personally speaking, I did it wirelessly from my iPad with the free B&O set up app. I've listened to it alongside a Beo 8 and can honestly say that I preferred this unit at normal sound levels. I would recommend it unreservedly.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    A Beatbox in the Desert at last

    • Written by from Warrington

    Having just moved to Qatar I really wanted something with great sound that worked well outdoors.

    Being well build, looking amazing and sounding perfect the B&O Play Beolit 12 does it all!

    I agree with other reviewers about the setup app. As it needs you to connect to the devices own setup wifi hotspot. It is therefore not helpfull that it keeps on loosing the signal and then reverting to your home wifi network.

    Once setup though it is exceptionally easy to use and flawless.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Brilliant sound quality, looks and build; awful software

    • Written by from BALDOCK

    The sound quality is brilliant, crisp, clear with superb bass, and as loud as you need it. I also really like the looks and build quality.

    You can use a B&O Beo-4, 5 or 6 to adjust the volume too, but nothing else.

    But the software is terrible - you have to set up the Beolit 12 by connecting it with an ethernet cable (supplied) to your computer or your router, remembering to switch off WiFi as well, and, once you've gone through the hassle of this, the Beolit 12 takes 2 minutes and upwards to join your WiFi network every time you want to use it - compare this with your iPhone, your iPad, anything else, where WiFi just works quickly.

    What on earth is the Beolit 12 doing in these two (very long) minutes? Because there's no status screen and only some basic lights, it's hard to tell. But it's way too slow, whatever's going on.

    The Beolit 12 can only keep information on a single WiFi network, so if you want to use the unit at home and at work (say), then you'll be scrabbling around for an ethernet cable each and every time you change locations.

    The instruction manual is also confusing; B&O have rushed out an iPhone app to try and help, but the instructions give misleading and contradictory statements on how to get it all going. The iPhone app feels unfinished - for instance the Software Update menu never does anything. And the software desperately needs updating.

    This has been rushed to market; give it 6 months to see if B&O either improve the software or give up on the Beolit 12 as an unfortunate aberration.

    B&O need to do a bit better here.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great design and impressive sound

    • Written by from Frederiksberg

    I just unpacked my brand new B&O PLAY Beolit 12 and I must say I just love the design, and I am very impressed of the sound quality.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Big Awesome Sound From Beolit 12

    • Written by from Houghton Le Spring

    This is the first B&O product I've owned and I'm blown away by the sound quality - clarity is very special. The speaker is a simple block affair, with simple on/off, network and volume up/ down LED controls on top with a mains input and ethernet connection at back of speaker accessed via clickable door compartment which has groove to allow door to shut securely when cables connect for mains charging and initial ethernet to router wi-fi set up - very neat and tidy. One side of speaker has USB port for charging devices which comes in handy and there's also a line in jack to connect a device for non-wireless playback. Carrying speaker is conveniently made with thick black leather strap secured to unit with B&O embossed metal rivets. The wireless set up is a breeze provided you use the Beolit free set up app. Overall this speaker is as top end quality as you'd expect at its price and B&O brand, but you get what you pay for and for a big sound quality speaker that's portable and wire free this Beolit 12 has put a big smile on my face, and I'm currently rediscovering all my old tunes - this thing brings full richness of tracks out amazingly that my old bog standard speakers weren't capable of - nice!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from DERBY

    Jusst arrived and I'm delighted!! The sound quality is astonishing : Sensitive to file quality:so mae sure you're on apple lossless or it will sound thin - Good File = Great sound and certainly room filling!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Good but not that good

    • Written by from Wokingham

    I'm a great B&O fan but this player does not deliver on many levels.

    It has the usual great B&O design, materials and finish but the operation and sound quality is poor, certainly not worth the price tag. The sound is 'tinny' and lacks any oomph and struggles to fill the room; good enough for the garden or kitchen but there are cheaper and better players available out there. Also, the wireless connection for the Airplay part is painfully slow and takes forever to find your WiFi even before you can start playing your tunes.

    This product was supposed to released in November 2011 so there must be a reason why it was delayed until now?

    Save a bit more money and buy a Beosound 8 - which is far, far better and prettier.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    excellent voice

    • Written by from HELSINKI

    To be a "small box" it has a great sound!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Gedved

    Absolutely beautifull sound and nice that it is so portable.

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