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    • Written by from London

    These are an excellent set of earphones. The sound is impressive (especially if you fit the correct sized earbuds!) and it does feel well made although the earpieces themselves do feel heavy in the ear. BUT I first purchased these a little over 2 years ago and they developed the same fault twice. The sound in the right earpiece became very intermittent and there appeared to be a loose connection in the phone plug.

    The Atomic Floyd customer support was excellent though and they did replace the original set but when the fault recurred just beyond the original 2 year warranty they were only able to offer a 40% discount on a new pair. £200 on a set of in ear headphones is, I think, quite an investment and I do feel that, for this sort of price, they should last longer than a year at a time.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Average Quality product with shocking customer support when they go wrong

    • Written by from Wilmslow

    I bought these 14 months ago with average thoughts on there quality, then after 14 months they started to go wrong, i contacted Atomic regarding having them repaired, to my horror they said as i do not have the original purchase record they would offer me a new set at 50% off. I DO NOT WANT NEW ONES, all i want is mine repaired, i would never buy another pair and warn others to think very hard about buying them. There are much better buds for a fraction of the money and customer support that beats them hands down. You have been warned.

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    Good but got some disadvantages

    • Written by from Chester

    I've bought SuperDarts 7 months ago. The sound quality is really great but I've expected something more bass after reading those all 5 stars reviews - especially a deeper, better bass.

    Generally I like those headphones but I won't write about the good sides because you can find a lot of them in the other reviews.

    I like to take care of expensive stuff but treating those SuperDarts with kids gloves wasn't enough:
    The small red logo sticker came out after 2 weeks.
    The red wire is made of fabric which absorbs dirt and sweat - this is why it become very dark now.

    Another weakness is the remote which has a design which is very hard to use. It's always hard for me to press the middle button - it's too small. Take a look at iPhone headphone's remote - the buttons are bigger and on the whole top side. Atomic Floyd's remote is round and it's hard to FIND and press the buttons.

    The headphones are also a bit too heavy and they slide out from the ears from time to time.

    I like the great sound quality but I wouldn't spend 200£ again to buy them. I think my old Creative EP-630 (which R.I.P. now) had deeper bass and had lifetime warranty.

    I think there are cheaper headphones noteworthy than those.

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