• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Average Quality product with shocking customer support when they go wrong

    • Written by from Wilmslow

    I bought these 14 months ago with average thoughts on there quality, then after 14 months they started to go wrong, i contacted Atomic regarding having them repaired, to my horror they said as i do not have the original purchase record they would offer me a new set at 50% off. I DO NOT WANT NEW ONES, all i want is mine repaired, i would never buy another pair and warn others to think very hard about buying them. There are much better buds for a fraction of the money and customer support that beats them hands down. You have been warned.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Good but got some disadvantages

    • Written by from Chester

    I've bought SuperDarts 7 months ago. The sound quality is really great but I've expected something more bass after reading those all 5 stars reviews - especially a deeper, better bass.

    Generally I like those headphones but I won't write about the good sides because you can find a lot of them in the other reviews.

    I like to take care of expensive stuff but treating those SuperDarts with kids gloves wasn't enough:
    The small red logo sticker came out after 2 weeks.
    The red wire is made of fabric which absorbs dirt and sweat - this is why it become very dark now.

    Another weakness is the remote which has a design which is very hard to use. It's always hard for me to press the middle button - it's too small. Take a look at iPhone headphone's remote - the buttons are bigger and on the whole top side. Atomic Floyd's remote is round and it's hard to FIND and press the buttons.

    The headphones are also a bit too heavy and they slide out from the ears from time to time.

    I like the great sound quality but I wouldn't spend 200£ again to buy them. I think my old Creative EP-630 (which R.I.P. now) had deeper bass and had lifetime warranty.

    I think there are cheaper headphones noteworthy than those.

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