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    • Written by from Ivybridge

    The bass on these thing are incredible for the size of them and the volume? well lets just say it's either loud or extra loud.

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    • Written by from Nuneaton

    I was saving up for a pair of bowers and wilkins MM-1 speakers when I came across these. The Bose Companion 20 simply fill your room with music as it should be. I will never go with anyone else now that I have experienced Bose - WOW!

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    Bose Companion 20

    • Written by from Ludlow

    Very pleased. Good sound, even at high volume, compact (fits easily left and right of the iMac's screen). Volume control and on/off touch wheel very elegant. It can also be plugged into the headphone socket or double audio sockets of a CD player or TV set. The only disadvantage of doing that (using the double audio sockets on a TV) is that you have to turn down the TV sound and control it from the wired Bose volume control, but if you use the TV's headphone sockets, the main loudspeakers are automatically muted by the TV and you can wirelessly control the volume by setting the headphone volume in the TV's Setup > Headphone volume area.

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    Substantial upgrade for iMac speakers

    • Written by from London

    Bought these as a gift for a family member to replace her iMac's built in speakers. After reading about them online through sites like Trusted Reviews, decided that these would give a great bang for the buck at £200. I personally own the Bowers & Wilkins MM-1, and find them to be absolutely amazing, so was looking for something that can get most of the way to the MM-1 standard without spending so much money.

    At half the price of the MM-1, these Bose speakers are a real gem. They pack punchy bass (unfortunately even at low volumes. These speakers don't really do 'quiet'). At high volumes they can also sound a little shrill, due to the lack of independent signal processing like the MM-1s. However at mid- to mid-high volumes, these perform great for such a small pair of speakers.

    The styling of the speakers matches the aluminium Apple computers perfectly, with a solid metal speaker grille at the front which looks like it would stand up to the test of time. They easily fill a room (or even a house depending on how thin your walls are) with sound, and despite my niggles at the low and high ends of the volume spectrum, can heartily recommend these speakers to someone who wants an "affordable" upgrade to great sound (in comparison to some other offerings, in any case!)

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    Stupidly good

    • Written by from Warrington

    They are small, the design is minimalistic and the sound will have you smiling constantly. Be prepared to rediscover your entire music collection all over again.

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    • Written by from Pimlico

    I recently tested these up against the Companion® 3 2.1 system and I would say these match it or its better it! And for less money too. I appreciate the space-saving on these speakers too. More foot-room!

    As for the sound, they are very loud (well they are in my small-ish room), direct, very clear and with no distortion at all. Recommended!

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