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    Shouldn't complain...

    • Written by from Bath

    Mine's just packed up, & I'm trying to decide whether to replace it with another, or the Juicepack Plus instead - as the latter's much heavier, I'll probably stick with the 'Air'. I've had mine just under 18 months, & still had a fair amount of power. I thought the micro USB port was the problem, but when I took a closer look at the inside of the lower part of the case, I found that where I'd been removing it from the rest - which was no mean feat for some time - the inbuilt however-many-pin plug that connects to the bottom of the iPhone had got damaged - the plastic was grazed & the metal bent. This happened where it came away one side before the other - not that I removed it that much. The main part of the case can be hard to remove too, so I guess the 'Plus' would be even harder. Having said that, I now don't fancy less convenience with an external top-up pack. Fairly resilient: only a couple of scratches to edge.

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    powerful juice, but not durable

    • Written by from Sheffield

    it good design to juice your iphone when you use your iphone as camera or play games outdoor for a whole day. however, after few months, it won't juice up to 50% your battery. even worse, the bottom of case easily get loose, then the bottom pin won't connect so well with juice pack, so there will be problem fully charge the juice pack, and sometime it come off when you charge your iphone. This kinds of quality only worth up to £30.

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    Turn your iPhone into a brick instantly

    • Written by from Newcastle upon Tyne

    The fit isn't perfect - on mine there is a noticible gap where the case splits to enable the phone to be slid into it - it doesn't look flush and I suspect it would catch on things. Secondly the sound on/off button doesnt sit centrally in it's designated hole. The illuminated lights on the bottom which tell you the charge level are cheap and nasty, and finally the entire case adds so much bulk to your phone you may as well be carrying around a brick in your pocket. For the price and quality there are much better alternatives around - me personally I'd rather have a nice slim phone and carry around a usb cable in my bag and charge as and when rather than having this beast attached to it.

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    Good, but needs a little more thought

    • Written by from LONDON

    It does make the phone much larger, but if you visit an apple store, ALL the POS units have a large rubbery battery block attached (plus some other nice goodies), which outlines the need for an external battery for iPhones in heavy use. For me, it gives a good day of use before charging over my sleep period.
    Before I bought this unit, I read all the reviews and was surpassed by the comment about the micro USB failing (I have many devices with micro USB ports and NONE have yet failed). Once I got the unit I had more of an idea why the micro USB port could break. They have placed the micro USB port on the curve at the bottom of the unit (probably so you can pose the phone upright when powering) so that ANY USB plug you put in, does not seat itself properly, leaving about 1/3 of the plug outside the body of the unit and no snug fit of the plug surround against the body of the unit. This means that undue stress is applied to the remaining 2/3td of the socket without the benefit of a snug fit, plug to body. This is probably why my micro USB port is now beginning to fail after two months. I consider that this inappropriate placement of the micro USB socket (probably outside the design specifications) and I believe, will always lead to failure inside the proposed life of the unit, I intend to seek a refund.

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    • Written by from Loughborough

    I bought this several days ago and have been used for three times. I found that even I charged 100% of the battery case. The case can only charge my 4s for about 60% of battery (from 1% to 60%).

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