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    re: dc jack

    • Written by from COPNOR, PORTSMOUTH

    I bought this product as I believe it will worth, yes it's true but after weeks of using and charging, the dc jack lossen it's hold. I can't even charge my I-phone 4.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Has great potential, but very unreliable - 3 dead in 9 months

    • Written by from Faversham

    I bought a Juice Pack in March 2012, and in many respects I’ve been pleased with it. At first, I’d have given it 5 stars. There’s a very big BUT, though. It’s been replaced twice by the vendor because the micro-USB port has failed, and the third one is dying after less than 9 months. It tends to stop connecting for data first, so it’s not possible to sync or backup with the phone in the case. Then it stops charging properly, so that I can only charge (if I’m lucky) by wrapping the cable tightly around the case to keep it taut in the socket. Maybe I’ve been very unlucky, but it looks to me like a poor quality USB port. the device is clearly not fit for purpose if the USB ‘s durability is measured in a very few months.

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    charges great but thats about it

    • Written by from dublin

    have bought this cover before xmas and the first one wouldnt sync with my mac so they sent me a replacement and lo and behold that was also not syncing which is a pain now waiting to send these two back and get another replacement which i hope will work properly???? it is great for extending the battery life for sure but not doing what it says if it wont sync with my iphone 4s

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Battery fantastic, let down by a case that'll crack just inside a year

    • Written by from Oxford

    Purchased this battery pack along with the iPhone 4S and boy has it saved this heavy iPhone user from a lot of exhausted iPhone battery usage over the just a shade over a year now.

    Unfortunately, as others have said here, the Mophie *case* isn't without it's defects.
    About 6 months I too found the micro USB socket to have a slight amount of wiggle in the case, nothing too bad but not the same "as delivered" feel.

    And worst of all, the case in general - whilst the case part will all snap together with a fine positive feel to start off at the 10 month point the bottom part of the case that houses the indicator lights and USB port started to lose it's "click" and at 12 months I find fishing the iPhone out my pocket does always follow that this piece is still attached.

    The "silver" trim (on the black model) after 9 months has started to peel and crack away and I predict that further use will just encourage more peeling of the trim as it snags on pocket fabric.

    Would I buy another? No.
    Did I buy the Mophie Juice Pack Universal Powerstation PRO to take over this role? Yes

    It's a shame that the housing for this product is so poor and just about later a single year as I'll miss the convenience of a case with an excellent battery and ability to charge and data sync via micro USB port

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