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    It will do the trick but it's plastic and cheaply made

    • Written by from London

    Someone here said this is beautiful, c'mon!
    Firstly it's build is plastic, rubber and metallic spray paint so it's cheap but looks nice in photos but that's it, it's 2012 you're either plastic or your metal but don't pretend to be something you're not that's a shameful design practice. Just Mobile makes a version that actually looks like it cost more than 10 bucks to manufacture it's the gum plus.
    If you just ran out of juice on your iPhone and rushed into an apple store to buy this please note there is a little juice in it 1-2 bars but no iPhone cable, you'll have to buy that.
    If you must then it will work to charge your phone iPad not so great but whoever needs to charge an iPad?

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