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    Great design, great quality sound.

    • Written by from UTTOXETER

    This product is well thought out and very easy to use, and provides excellent sound quality through Bluetooth A2DP via your car stereo AUX-in socket.

    Physically it looks like a cigarette lighter socket charger, but with two leads running from it. One of these leads plugs into your AUX socket (and can be shortened to prevent trailing wires if your 12v and AUX sockets are close together), the other lead ends in a disc shaped button that also contains the microphone and status light. This button is magnetically attached to a disk that you can stick wherever is convenient, allowing you to easily remove the whole unit (eg. to store in the glove compartment). Additionally, the socket part also has a USB slot, so you can plug in your phone if you need to charge it - useful !

    Once paired, all you need to do is press the button/mic once to connect, and again to start or stop music playback. Remember to set your car stereo input to AUX too. The button illuminates orange when un-connected, and blue once connected. If the phone rings, you just press the button again to answer the call (I think a long press will reject it).

    I found the sound quality to be excellent - I could not distinguish between using the AirCast from plugging my iPhone into the AUX socket directly. It really is very useful to be able to jump in the car, press the big button once, and once again, and have music playing without even having to take the phone out of my pocket !

    Speech quality is acceptable via the mic, but that will be dependent on how much background noise there is in your car. The only slight negatives I can think of are that phone audio is of noticeably lower quality (not a fault of the AirCast, but the phone networks) and Siri is pretty much unusable over the AirCast - but I think that's mainly because of the 'telephone quality' audio and car background noise.

    On the whole I highly recommend this product !

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