• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Flashing red

    • Written by from Pontyclun

    I've had the Zeppelin Air for a week and initially only used it for the playback of music from my I-pod. It worked flawlessly until last night when I attempted to connect it to my network. Despite many attempts it would not establish a wireless connection. A friend who is an IT consultant also helped, but we could not resolve the issue. In addition, the Zeppelin Air would no longer work properly with my I-Pod. After 5 minutes of playing music it would stop and display the flashing red light. Today I decided give it one more try before I returned the unit. I followed exactly the same sequence as before, but this time added a number to my password. The Zeppelin connected to my network instantly and the playback problem with the I-Pod also disappeared. I will test it for the next few days, but so far so good. Four stars because apart from the problem of connection I would agree with the positive reviews about the Zeppelin Air.

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    Wireless Set Up

    • Written by from Formby

    Followed all wireless set up instructions very carefully and could not connect using the Ethernet cable. Thought it might be my router so tried at a friends house...again no joy! Tried the temp wireless function on the Zeppelin and my iPhone 4 worked first time!

    Despite the wireless setup problem the product is fantastic... I can only think the Ethernet cable supplied was giving me the problem.

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    Great at what it does, but...

    • Written by from FLEET

    Having owned both Zeppelin's I certainly feel the new Air is a significant sonic upgrade on the original (notwithstanding the additional benefits of Airplay), so well done Bowers & Wilkins. The sound is both more powerful and sophisticated which is a neat trick. When correctly set up and positioned tofor best performance (see the B&W website) everyone that's heard it has been astounded at what it can do.

    But be aware that 'high resolution' mentioned in the product description means a maximum of 48kHz sampling and 16 bit for Airplay and USB connection. The advertised 96kHz 24 bit performance is only available via the optical digital input. Probably this is not a big issue for most, but one that's not really clear from the specs on the Apple or B&W sites.

    Apart from the DAC issue, the Zeppelin Air's been pretty faultless. It took around 30 minutes to set up all inputs and it's been pretty trouble free. (Sometimes if streaming via USB I need to reopen iTunes to ensure the Zeppelin is recognised as the output device.)

    Hope this is useful.

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    Location is vital

    • Written by from Ilkley

    I have now been listening to mine for five days. The quality of the product and sound it produces is excellent. HOWEVER, it has two rearward facing sub-woofer ports which when the unit is located in a corner or even too close to a wall causes excessive bass "booming". A facility to reduce the bass is provided, 0 being the default level down to -3. B&W recommend -2 if the unit is located in a corner, but even -3 does not reduce the bass sufficiently to prevent the "booming". Hopefully this can and will be rectified in future firmware updates.

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