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    10 month review

    • Written by from wellington

    I got these headphones as a requested gift, having read the sound reviews on this page. I have now had these headphones for 10 months and they need a replacement.

    To start with they were brilliant, I previously had the Nixon headphones which fell apart very quickly. So was blown away with the quality of both the sound and the build. I have used this set almost every day for at least 7 hours, (as I listen to music whilst I work). Using the headset for Skype calls has been brilliant and I have never had the microphone issue.

    Over the 10 months though: One cone has almost fully gone, the cable has required some electrical tape to hold it together and the buds require constant super glueing. Its now got to the stage where I can only use one bud and every time I take it out, the bud itself stays in my ear and I need to prize it out with my fingers.

    But instead of reading the above as bad comments. View it instead, that only now am I prepared to get a new pair, the sound quality is that good. Purely out of curiosity though I will try different brand.

    My only real criticism is the stupid cable. The wear and tear is probably typical for a product used this extensively. I think they were trying to create the flat profile that the beats headphones use for anti tangle..... but they failed. You spend far to much time trying to straighten it every time you get them out.

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