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    What Happened?

    • Written by from New Haven

    I love this headset. But the issue is, my iPhone 5s won't take any calls from it. It plays music just fine but that was not the only reason I purchased them. I hope the is just a technicality and a bug fix will do the trick. It worked awesome with my other iPhones so this is just strange.

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    Great Headset

    • Written by from Aylesbury

    Had a set of these for around two years and used them about 4 times a week in the gym or out running. Fully charged they last about 5 hours and range of Bluetooth with iPhone was that good I could leave phone on shelf in the gym and workout without connection dropping.

    After two years of hard use (sweat, being dropped etc) the on/off button gave up so replaced with a new set of the same make and model...

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good for iPhone 4, iPad 3 - phone, music, movies

    • Written by from Larkhall

    I use headphones mainly for listening to music and hands free phone calls in the car hence always go for sets with a mic / controls, and prefer wireless. For someone who is careful (picky) with their stuff I seem to go through headphones quickly - list as follows with probs:
    >> The Jabra Clipper bluetooth set - 6 months in, the female jack connection was intermittently cutting off one side; took it back to Apple store and at that time wasn't impressed with other wireless sets, so bought...
    >> Sennheiser i300 in-ear wired - good sound, had concerns over thin cable sets but this one seemed soft / pliable enough; within 6 months the wire insulation on one side split close to the earphone and no sound to that ear; next...
    >> Ultimate Ears 600Vi in-ear wired & over ear design - cable was a bit thicker than previous set and good, true sound; within 6 months the wire insulation on one side split close to the earphone, at the bend point over the ear; the insulation turns hard / less pliable in cold temperatures; and finally...
    >> Plantronics 903+ - was fed up with wires again and flimsy build quality; these are less discrete than in-ear sets but far more robust; good sound, easy connection / operation, switch to & from calls and music is good, love the voice at connection announcing listening time remaining, occasional brief drop out over bluetooth with iPhone in pocket then sound starts again; earplugs designed to rest in ear rather than a tight fit, bass and overall sound still good but I lose the bass end while motorway driving; would have given 5 stars otherwise.

    Charging plug for headset comes with UK 3 pin & euro 2 pin adapters, headset LED is clever - indicates low power, when fully charged, and a number of other things. Works well with iPhone 4 voice control; mic is on the left ear, no feedback, very clear for the caller on the phone. Watched a movie on the iPad, works great, pause button pauses the movie too.

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    Good quality headset for the gym

    • Written by from LONDON

    I brought these six months ago, and they are still working great. I would give it five stars but I had to buy some deep in-ear buds and attach it to the ones supplied with it, now they stay in my ear giving solid sound. I must admit the signal has cut out on me, but only in the same locations. I do recommend these. Hope fully Planatronics will supply better ear plugs in the future.

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    pleasantly surprised

    • Written by from Exeter

    I just needed a new set today as normally any headphones last me up to six months and the wire always breaks by the plug of the cable...Which happened yesterday again... Today I went to the Apple shop, bought these, installed it over 1 minute on the bus and they are working fine :) I can't get my head around the earpieces yet as they seem to be impossible to put on but will get used to it.
    On the whole, I am really happy that no more cables will snap or get tangled in...
    I'm however unhappy that I hadn't come across them before spending at least £100 each year for new sets... I've tried them all... BEATS, INCASE, RHA or SONY all snapped so far and I started to think I'd give up on buying any headphones

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