• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good, but not worth £50

    • Written by from Newcastle

    After reading reviews, both here and on Amazon, I decided to buy these headphones from Apple today. When trying them out, my first thought was that they felt incredibly flimsy, however it's rare to find any headphones that feel particularly robust.

    However, when trying them with my iPhone, I discovered that the only way to get a good sound was by physically pushing the headphones onto my ears, which is quite inconvenient. Without doing this, there is little-to-no bass, and the treble sounds quite tinny. There is also a severe lack of volume, making these impossible to use in public.

    At nearly £50, I'd expect a little more from Sennheiser, since my £30 monitor headphones are much better, and feel a lot more robust.

    If you can find a way to secure these to yours ears constantly, they would be an excellent product. The remote is excellent, and performs all functions I would expect, including voice-control. However, in a busy environment, the microphone doesn't pick everything up.

    I'm sorry to say I will be returning these tomorrow.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Unfortunately, there are better alternatives.

    • Written by from Sevenoaks

    I purchased these headphones in March, 2011.

    While I am pleased with them, I have come to realise that better alternatives for the same price are on the market. If you do not need the headphone volume control built into the headphones, then I would advise you find a pair without them. You usually get a better built and sounding pair for exactly the same price without them due to the licensing fees of encorperating this technology into third party hardware.

    I also felt the build quality could have been better. I am finding myself constantly aware that the plastic could snap at any moment, althought the probability of this happening is probably minimal. I would also suggest that the sound is somewhat muffled unless you push the headphones against your ears, but this may be a case of not fitting them correctly.

    I would strongly advise anyone looking to purchase these headphones to try them out for themselves before making any impulsive purchase. If you have any doubts, then they probably aren't for you.

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