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    Wonderful Product

    • Written by from Warrington

    There are two sides to the glove, one gray and one black which you access by folding the glove inside out and back again, the black side for the removal of smears and fingerprints and the gray side for the removal of dust also you get the water bottle as mentioned in other reviews. My household is full of lovely Apple equipment from iMacs to iPhones and everything in between so I wanted a cleaning solution that adhered to Apples recommended best practice for cleaning, water only. I came across the TeraGlove and through it offered what I was after. This product is amazing. Our screens have never been so clean and smear free and all with the use of just water and the TeraGlove. I highly recommend this product.

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    does what it says

    • Written by from LONDON

    Bought this as I wanted something I could used for my imac, macbook air, ipad and phone. It's smaller than I thought, which is actually better, but does what it says. It comes with a small bottle for water (yes, you could use any bottle, but this takes up little room). I keep it in my desk drawer and have used it more than any other cleaner. I prefer it to chemical wipes - I still have a few packets of clean wet wipes and clean dry wipes, this is easier and my screen has never been so blemish free. You can use it on your keyboard too.

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    If you love your new ipad,buy this !

    • Written by from NR NEWARK ON TRENT

    A couple of weeks ago,I bought ipad3and noticed the grease and dust on my lovely
    Retina display,after much searching I found this great little cleaner.
    As I did not fancy the idea of using chemical cleaners ( as believe me) there are a few about,I decided to give this a go.
    All I can say is WOW it has made my display look like new.
    I am very pleased with this and all I had to do was to put a little drop of water into the bottle spray the glove and wipe the screen and bobs your uncle.
    Just Buy it, you won,t regret.

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    • Written by from Southam

    Clean screens. Easy to use. Does exactly what it should do. Fantastic product.

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    Simply Brilliant

    • Written by from Flackwell Heath

    Don't usually write reviews but... This is an amazing product, gets the mac perfectly clean and even works on the TV and other screens. No expensive top up solutions just add water and the glove can be washed.