• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Brilliant compact and well worth it - BUT...

    • Written by from Tamworth

    Saw these originally when dragged to the Good Food Show (Bose had a stand - I think for all the men out there that got dragged along ;-) ) and even in an open arena with all that was going on, you could still get a good sense of punchy audio from movies and sound tracks alike. My wife then bought me a set as a Christmas present and have never looked back. They are hooked up to an iMac and just work.

    Point to remember - you need to go through the Audio Midi Setup program on the Mac to tell it about speaker config as the default is stereo.

    Now for the BUT...
    iTunes (tried v10 and v11) does NOT allow you to select any 5.1 audio track from any movies in your library so will only play back in STEREO.

    VLC on the other hand will allow you to select 5.1 and play it correctly via the Bose so the hardware is there and working, just that iTunes wont make use of it.

    The only way I have got iTunes to even acknowledge there is a 5.1 audio track is to get one of those optical jack adaptors for the headphone socket, but then when you play back - of course you hear nothing as iTunes is sending audio digitally to the optical port. If anyone knows otherwise or can find out direct from Apple (I've used the forums - seems to be common issue) - please shout out!

    Thats the only reason for dropping a star and not a fault with the Bose but how Apple have implemented 5.1 with iTunes.