Would I be able to put this camera on my car . Is it waterproof?

I travel a lot and I would like to put this camera on my car . And I would like to film all the incredible things that I see on the road .

GoPro HERO3+ Video Camera - Black Edition

GoPro HERO3+ Video Camera - Black Edition

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    The camera itself is not waterproof. It does come with a waterproof housing that is good to 131'/40M.
    It includes 1 curved and 1 flat adhesive mount that you can use to attach to your vehicle.

  • Yes in Fact I am a pilot and have one on the top of my cockpit. I mounted it with the clips and mounts it came with and has stayed on even though I reached speeds of 300mph and through clouds and light rain. I have video to prove it. I'm quite happy with it. the 3m adhesive they use is incredible.

  • Yes the camera is waterproof to 40m and you can buy a diving case to take it further and yes you can mount it to your car.

  • Yes. defiantly I've got the hero 2 as long as you've got the water proof back on it and sealed correctly it will be water proof from rain and can be taken down to a depth of 60m under water.

  • Yes it's fully waterproof straight out the box. It comes in it's own housing which is completed waterproof and sealed tight when closed. If you want to mount it to your car your will need a suction cup mount which is extra or if you shop on the go pro site you can buy a hero 3 car edition which comes with the suction cup as part of the bundle. I believe the suction cup is rated to something silly like 200mph.

  • There's a great "Suction-Cup Mount" gopro sells that is rock solid (I would still advise using a tether incase it fails).
    The camera is not waterproof but it comes with a WaterProof housing that is good up to 60m underwater. (Make sure you have a perfect seal everytime you use it underwater).

  • Yes with the case it is water proof, but when putting it on your car take into effect wind resistance, you do not want a black+ Gopro flying off at 120mph