Will time capsule allow me to share itunes, backup and sync iTunes across all my Apple devices?

Time Capsule and iTunes

  • Asked by John P from Moraga
  • 17-Feb-2011
QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    iTunes can only be shared through "home sharing". In other words, the music will only exist on one computer, but can be accessed through any other macs on your network. (Obviously there are permissions to be given/gained to do this, it isn't available to everyone)

    Backups can be accessed from any computer in the network, however as Time Machine is set up to be 'device specific' in its access, it does require a level of technical know how to access the back up of another machine from the Time Capsule.

    Finally, with the sync of your music across your devices, not at the moment, but it sounds like this is where apple is going with iOS 5 and iCloud. Ultimately the idea seems to be that your music will be accessed from the 'cloud' where it is stored. Check into iCloud for more information on what Apple want to do with iCloud and how it relates to your needs.


    • Answered by Martin S from Caulfield South
    • 01-Aug-2011