Will this case block the sensor that turns the screen on/off while taking calls?

Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 4S

Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 4S

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    Not at all. If you look at the cut-out on top of the screen, you can see that it is a rather large trapezoid shape similar to other cases in the same section. On a white iPhone it is even more apparent that the case is nowhere near the sensor. I've used my case for months and all sensors operate perfectly.

  • Yes it positively does. Every time I'm on a call it changes to speaker. You will need to talk without your face touching the glass.
    I still love this case though.

  • I used the case for a week and a half and constantly had issues with the trapezoid not being high enough. My face was touching the active screen and causing me to mute/speaker/conference call, it was frustrating, I had to return the case.

  • I've had this problem constantly, and it has been driving me crazy! I didn't know what was causing it, but after doing some research on the Apple support site I realized it was this case that may be causing the problem. Sure enough, I took it off and it works like a charm. I'm sad because otherwise I love the case, and have received many compliments about it. I wonder if it would be possible to modify the case by cutting a little more material away to keep this from happening?

  • Sometimes is the best answer I can give. I'm finding that about 50% of the time the sensor isn't being triggered when I start to talk on the phone, this causes my cheek to sometimes hit the keypad.

    But so far this seems to be the best wallet/phone case out there.

  • Haven't "faced" this problem myself been using this case for a week, no accidental button cheek triggered pressings when talking.

  • It has never done this to me. I have owned this case for a year.

  • I did experience ending my call early and muting the call when I first used my BookBook and contacted Twelve South Customer Services. They advised that this can be experienced with some new cases due to the phone not seating correctly as the leather is new. After some use and gently pressing the phone into the leather retention area I no longer experience any issues. If by chance, the stitching is incorrect and preventing the phone from seating correctly Twelve South advised they would be happy to have the product returned under warranty.

  • Yes it does. I have had problems with it not turning the screen off and accidentally touching the mute button with my cheek. Even once I was aware of the problem and tried to hold the phone away from my cheek, I still had problems with touching the mute button. When I took the phone out of the case the problem went away. I still like the case, but this is an annoying problem.