Will the Airport Extreme Base Station (MC340X/A) reach my computer?

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I am looking into buying an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station router for my home but I am a little worried on the range that it can provide. The router will be placed downstairs on one side of the house and I want the signal to go up 3 stories to the other side of the house. Cable length is maybe not even 20 metres but for safety I am going to say 25 metres from the router to where we need the signal to be. Can anyone confirm what sort of signal strength the new MC340X/A model has? I think that is the newest model from the Apple Store. The house is single bricked in the inside if this helps as well.

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QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    If you have internal brick walls and locate the Extreme at the end of the building as well as at the bottom of the building, instead of near the middle of the building, I would guess that you will not find a single Extreme to be at all satisfactory. Two Extremes, connected with Ethernet cable to create a "roaming wireless network," could be your solution.