Will my Novation zero SL MK II automap the plug-ins and instruments with logic 9?

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    Yes, the Novation Zero SL MK ii will definitely automap both your plug-ins and instruments in Logic 9.

    The stock Logic Studio Instruments and FX will instantly be recognized by Automap. You MIGHT want to change which knob controls which function, but that's as easy as clicking learn on the ZERO SL, moving the onscreen parameter then twiddling the knob or slider. That's it. In LATCH LEARN mode, you can learn a dozen controls in about 20 seconds !!

    The Novation will also control your 3rd party plugins. The Plug-in Manager software will "wrap" all your 3rd party plugins in Automap form. It takes 2 minutes, then you'll see Automap versions of your plugins in your Logic Insert pulldown menus.

    Novation is also Beta testing a 64 bit compatible version of Automap. It KIND OF works, but in 32 bit mode, it's rock solid. I never use my Mackie C4 anymore, this is so much easier, quicker (and cheaper !!!)

    Feel free to email with questions.