Will it duplicate fuelpoints if I use Nike+ move app with my iPhone 5S?

I am planning to buy it. I am already using Nike+ move app which gives me fuel points when I move. If I buy Nike+ Fuelband SE, will it sync with Nike+ move app too? Will it duplicate fuelpoints?

Basically how to use it if you already have iPhone 5s and Nike+ move app.

Thanks in advance.

Nike+ FuelBand SE - small (black)

Nike+ FuelBand SE - small (black)

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  • It does duplicate your points when you look at your over all accumulated fuel points but it will also show you a breakdown of how many points you received for each device or app you are using. For example, I use my Fuelband in my day to day activities and I start a session on it whenever I go for a run. I also use the Nike+ Running app when I run and when I look at either the Nike+ Running app or the Fuelband app on my phone it currently tells me I have a total of 34,347 Fuel and below that it tells me that I have 21,236 from the Fuelband and 13,138 from the Nike+ Running app. The fuelband itself will only display the amount of fuel you earned on it alone and it doesn't factor in the other apps. Whatever fuel you earn on the Fuelband is shown only on the device itself and the other apps are separate from that.