why cant the elgato game capture connect to the ps3 threw the hdmi why do you have to use the component? And will i be able to play in 1080p still?

just wondering why the xbox can connect threw just the hdmi but the ps3 can not? And if i us the Elgato and connect it to my ps3 with the component cable they give you when you buy this product will i be able to play in 1080p.???? My tv doe support 1080p just wondering because i heard that if you select 1080p in the video settings that it will not work or something?

Elgato Game Capture HD Game Recorder

Elgato Game Capture HD Game Recorder

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    You can't use the HDMI on a PS3 because PS3 is a Sony product and they "honor/is compliant with" High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HBDC). The HDMI cable supports the "handshake" between devices that the data transmitted is not being "intercepted" mid-stream, which is exactly what you are doing with the Elgato, therefore you need to use the component cables from the PS3 to the Elgato (component cables dont use HBDC), then use the HDMI from Elgato to the TV.
    Component cables are still able to send a 1080p or 1080i resolution image, so you are still getting what is considered the bottom end of "HD" (1080). You can still play and view the game in 1080 on the TV (60 frames per second) while simultaniously recording it on your PC or Mac via USB output from the Elgato (at 30 frames per second at 1080, 60 frames per second at 720). The Elgato allows you to play and record at different resolutions (view on TV at 1080 while recording on the Mac/PC at 1080 or 720 or 480 or 576, etc)

  • From my understanding, the reason why the Elgato Game Capture HD needs to connect to the PS3 via component cables is because Sony incorporated a method of preventing people from recording via HDMI (to reduce piracy I guess). I believe the Elgato Game Capture HD comes with an adapter that connects the component cables to an HDMI cable, bypassing Sony's annoyance. You will still play in 1080p on your television, it just records up to 1080i for the PS3.

    Long story short, you can record in 1080i for PS3, 1080p for XBOX.

  • Assuming your game supports 1080p (many output only in 720), you can capture full 1080p with the additional purchase of a separate DVI to HDMI converter box and a DVI to HDMI cable. This definitely works. I know, because that's my setup.

    I can't detail an example setup in detail (linking to other merchant sites is not allowed in these comments). You can search for "[Bypass HDCP] How to Record PS3 Through HDMI" on youtube for examples.

    When setting up the capture settings in the Game Capture HD.app with this setup, you'll want to select a generic HDMI input and not the Playstation 3 preset.