What is the view finder like? Is it so reflective that it is hard to see the picture you are taking?

GoPro HERO3+ Video Camera - Black Edition

GoPro HERO3+ Video Camera - Black Edition

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  • This item does not have a view finder.
    Unless you purchase the optional accessory, the LCD Touch BacPac.
    You can download a free app to your iPhone and see what the camera sees using your iPhone screen.

  • GoPro cameras are modular. You buy the parts and mounts that suit your needs. This keeps the basic camera very small and compact. There is an optional clip on LCD back that acts as a viewfinder and accesses the camera's menus. You can also view and control the camera(s) with an iPhone or iPad, using wifi.

  • Best Answer:

    The Hero cameras have NO view finder, however you can view the image on an iPhone with the Go Pro app.

  • There's no view finder, unless you buy an extra add on. I use the App on my iphone or ipad. It lags a bit although lets you see what you're doing

  • There is no view finder. It's more of a "feel it out" kind of thing. It has a very wide view.
    You can use the app to get a "preview" of the shot (though there is about a 2second latency between GoPro and the app)