What is the best security product for a iMac with MS office no DOS operating system

  • Asked by Richard D
  • 27-Oct-2010
Intego Internet Security Barrier X6 Dual Protection

Intego Internet Security Barrier X6 Dual Protection

Product No Longer Available

3 Answers from the Community

  • I would recommend that you were to install a free antivirus software, there is no point wasting money when you just use that computer for home use, a free antivirus will provide the same service as one which you pay for and also it is free. If you every were to get a virus on your mac that would remove it. If you use your computer for work or business use with important files or personal information: addresses, medical records, or data which is very personal then you should invest in a good internet security software package with a firewall, anti-spyware, hacker blocks ect. backup all your files and you should be fine.

    • Answered by Bruce L
    • 09-Jan-2012
  • Answer

    Intego Internet Security Barrier X6 is the best security suite for the Mac. I'm using it and love it

    • Answered by Alex A
    • 20-Dec-2010
  • Avast and Avira would be the best security choices for Apple iMac computers

    • Answered by Jason L from Brisbane
    • 27-Aug-2012