What are pros & cons for Jawbone VS Fitbit?

I'm looking in to purchasing one but having trouble deciding which is best.

UP by Jawbone

UP by Jawbone

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    Well I have both, or should I say had both. I gave the fitbit to my 72 year old mom. Helps her stay active all while I can monitor her activity remotely. The fitbit syncs wirelessly and simply once setup. You just have to sit in front of your computer or be near your Bluetooth phone. Be aware that it will not sync with all phones. It couldn't sync with my iphone4 which in a way was a bummer. The stats are somewhat interesting and you have many more features on the fitbit but...

    The jawbone stats I find to be more accurate, especially the deep vs light sleep cycles. The UP just did a far better job at it.
    Jawbone does not offer you a web based site to view at home, so you have to view all stats on your phone. It's something they really have to look into. There are 3rd party websites which do allow it an you can also download a CVS copy of your stats on the Jawbone website. Also one thing which I personally like is the fact I don't have a Bluetooth signal around my wrist 24 hours a day. It can't possibly be pod long term but who knows I'm not doctor. I also find the jawbone extremely comfortable. I wear it upside down, the the cap at the top of my wrist.

    Over all, both are great tools. If I had to choose one, I would stick with the Jawbone for looks, comfort and great sleep stats.
    But if your looking for features such as weight loss and some sort of pregnancy stat, the fitbit offers more. Stuff I think is cool but I just don't use. I can't see myself logging stuff I eat for example. The jawbone for have a food intake system too, but fitbit shows you how many calories you have left to eat in order for you to reach a weight goal. This type of extra work is not worth it for me.

    Good luck with your pick, your on the right track to stay a great health and remember don't let the 30$ price difference affect your purchase. It's only 30$.