Hi, I want to swim listening to music. I have an i pod classic and would like to know if these water proof headphones are what I need to do it. Do I also need a waterproof case por the i pod? do you sell it?
or, will the remote control be useful for setting the music and I just place the i pod near the pool? thanks

Philips ActionFit Earhook Sports Headset (SHQ3007)

Philips ActionFit Earhook Sports Headset (SHQ3007)

Product No Longer Available

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  • i know this is late but...I bought these the other day, not to listen whilst swimming but i did read the back of the box, it reads.......
    1. Adjustable ear hooks for enhanced fit - designed for sports.
    2. Sweat and WATER PROOF - Washable in running tap water.
    3.Bass pumping stereo sound with enhanced isolation - energise your work out.

    now i might be nit picking but to me, water proof is different to wash/splash proof. Water proof surely means it can be submerged. but then the description does go on to say washable. Is it water proof and can be washed under running tap water or washable only??

    I probably wouldn't use in a pool but if i did want to listen to music whilst i swam, i would probably get an mp3 player specify for swimming. Speedo make one that clips to your goggles....there are many other brands that do the same.

  • To use earphones underwater you should make sure the product says "waterproof". I suggest using "Monster iSport High Performance Waterproof Headphones". It says they can be used underwater or thrown in the washing machine if you want to rinse them out.
    This product only says ''sweatproof'' so it wont withstand being under water, just regular sweating from workouts.