Want to understand ease of set up before purchase

I have a dlink DIR-655 which is starting to give me problems. Looking for a new wireless router and am researching AirPort Extreme. I have four iPhones an iPad, two Windows laptops, two Mac's, an xbox, Wii, LG TV, two Blu-Ray players, a Roku box, and an Airport Express for streaming music which have all been painstakingly set up over the years using WPA-2 (entering a very long list of letters and numbers as the password). Reviews keep saying that people were up and running in ten minutes, but that just doesn't seem possible. It takes me 5 minutes or more to add the WPA-2 password on just one of these devices that don't have a keyboard. Can I use the same password during set up to make that process easier? Also, my dlink had a button on the side that would recognize products that were trying to connect. Does the Airport have the same sort of thing?

Last question. I also have a wired PC, and two wired network printers, and a wired NAS drive. Can I use my existing dlink switch to gain a few additional ethernet ports? It sounds like there would only be three available to me on this product.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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