Travel safe?

Is this bag a good bag to travel with?
I consider myself to be a person who takes care of their stuff, but I have an issue with being clumsy sometimes and am in situations where I need a bag that is rugged.
I will be going on a 5 week trip and need a bag that can protect my computer through the travelling process. Obviously I don't plan to be chucking the bag around, but I would like it to be tough and not have to worry too much about how I set my bag down or if I can pile it in the back of a car or whatever else might happen.
Is this bag a tough protective bag that can take a few punches or should I look for something a little more sturdy?
I don't want a huge bag either, I like that this is pretty small.

  • Asked by Christiana S from Fullerton
  • 31-Jan-2011
Thule Crossover Backpack

Thule Crossover Backpack

Product No Longer Available

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