The Sims 3 on 2011 15" Macbook Pro

I am about to buy my first apple computer before going to college this fall, and I have only a few things that are worrying me about my transfer from PC to Mac.

The biggest would be that the one PC game I play, the Sims 3, will not work on the model I plan on getting (2011 15" Macbook Pro ).

I have heard some stories about the game having a lot of glitches on the apple computers, but I sort of wanted a confirmed answer from people who have played in on the same model I plan on buying.


  • Asked by Paulina A from Hinsdale
  • 19-May-2011
The Sims 3: Standard and Collector's Edition

The Sims 3: Standard and Collector's Edition

Product No Longer Available

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    its the same i not better on a mac i played on pc and mac mac wins

    • Answered by Joe M from Corona
    • 12-Mar-2012
  • The game has innumerable glitches, and is not worth buying for a Mac, tbh -- at least not until EA stops trying to wrap the Windows version in Cider and builds an actual Mac version. The frame rate (fps) is low, the game freezes and quits unexpectedly (costing you your save data), and sometimes won't even start. My Macbook Pro is the same model as yours, and I wish I hadn't wasted my money.

    Buy it if you don't mind installing Windows through Boot Camp and running it there, since apparently that works fine.

    • Answered by M M from Boston
    • 13-Aug-2012