Thanks for all the reviews and questions. If you are in a quiet office, will the sound from these bother your neighbor at the desk next to yours?

My work place has a wide open floor filled with desks. We do not have cubicles. So, the guy next to me is watching me type this question with some interest: if these headphones leak a lot of sound, he's the guy who will complain.

To date I have used large bulky headphones that completely cover my ear and leak no noise. But are obvious and did I mention, huge?

How leaky are these?


Bose® MIE2i Mobile Headset

Bose® MIE2i Mobile Headset

Product No Longer Available

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    They don't leak sound. I wear them on the bus, in my cubical farm office, on planes... no one hears my music ever... even when I've got something really loud and bassy playing.

  • I listen to it during study period and i have it on full blast and the person next to me cant hear it! These are great headphones