It mentions an optical/auxiliary port for connecting to multimedia devices.. so just to clarify would it connect to my tv for big movie sound??

Edifier E30 Spinnaker 2.0/2.1 Bluetooth Speakers

Edifier E30 Spinnaker 2.0/2.1 Bluetooth Speakers

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    I don't think you should be expecting "Big" movie sounds from these guys. However, with an optical port you can connect it to your receiver or PS3..etc. Which would, in turn, give you speakers to watch movies with, mind, these would be a definite upgrade to anybody still using their tv's speakers.

  • Yes, you could connect to your TV for 'big movie sound' on the condition that you are using an external subwoofer AND that you aren't sitting too far away (i.e. no more than 8 feet). I find that the sound stage becomes too dispersed any farther away than that AND the on-board downward firing 4" woofers can't effectively reproduce blockbuster film explosions (they do very well, but c'mon... you need a SUB). Good luck.

  • Yes, the optical connection is there precisely for that reason as long as your TV has optical. There are a number of consumers looking for a speaker design that looks fantastic and can serve as a multifunctional sound solution. Each of the speakers has a silk domed tweeter, 2 3/4" mid-range and a downward firing 4" bass driver which would serve very nice for movie sound. Consider that this speaker system isn't meant to be compared to a full home theatre speaker system driven by a component amplifier.