Is this compatible with iPhone 5?

Trying to find out if the Mophie power supply is compatible with the iPhone 5. Does anyone know!

mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Battery - 4000 mAh

mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Battery - 4000 mAh

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    Yes. Your iPhone 5 came with a USB cable. Plug that into the Powerstation.

  • I have the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation and it works well with any iPhone (including the 5) or other phones with a USB connection.

    I used it with my iPad 2 and got over 50% charge on it but it barely charges my iPad 4th generation since the 4th generation battery capacity is so high.

    I believe the iPad 2 battery is rated at 6944 mAh, the iPad 3rd and 4th generation is rated at 11666 mAh or thereabouts. The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation is rated at 4000 mAh so you do the math.

    I feel the Powerstation is great for phones or other gadgets that use less than 4000 mAh but don't expect it to fully charge an iPad (especially the 3rd or 4th generation). I purchased another battery for that with a 15600 mAh battery.

  • Yes, it is available to ALL USB connected devices

  • Yes the powerstation will work with the iPhone 5. On their website they list all of the devices that the powerstation is compatible with.